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LSD Nav Pro 2 app

Buy what you need. Everything you need for navigating the dominion land surveys. See More...

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Nav Photo 2 app

Takes pictures and stamps the location and direction information on the photo. See More...

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LSD Nav Pro 2 Nav Photo
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LSD Nav Pro 2

This is the app that has it all. If you spend time looking for LSD locations or work in them then this app has everything you need.

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Nav Photo 2

Take pictures and have all your location information stamped right on the picture. Perfect for field work that requires documentation.

Specialty software designed for the oil patch.

Our software was designed with the surveyor in mind. Many of the tools required to navigate in the oil patch are put together to create a complete app that gives you the information you need in the palm of your hand. Whether you need navigation or just an image for documentation, our apps can deliver the results you desire. Discover why our apps are unique in the industry.

LSD Nav Pro 2


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This is our second version of the app so it is packed full of features that you will want when you are in the oil patch. It replaces three previous apps (LSD Nav Lite, LSD Nav, LSD Nav Pro). You can download it for free and then purchase the packages that are right for you. We think you will enjoy some key features such as multitasking support and multi layer control for offline maps. The features are grouped into packages. Here is what you will get with each package.

Free Version (No packages purchased)

- navigate with section displayed.
- navigate with road names in Prairie Provinces.
- navigate geoRef PDF with section displayed.

Standard package purchased $59.99

- update information prompts are stopped.
- navigate with LSD displayed.
- display township lines to the section level.
- zoom to a location using LSD, UTM, Lat/Long or Address input.
- pins can be imported/exported using gpx format.
- a route can be created from the 'zoom to' feature.
- navigate geoRef PDF with LSD displayed.

Pro package purchased (requires Standard package first) $159.99

- navigate with LSD offset information.
- display township lines to the LSD level.
- zoom to a location using NTS input.
- lines (like routes or tracks) can be imported/exported using gpx format.
- change dropped pin properties.
- create target areas that warn you when you enter them.
- create a geofence that warns you when you leave it.
- show azimuth and distance to a selected point.
- load photo locations onto the map.
- create a manual route (also can be used for distance measurements).
- manage offline maps with multi layer support.
- selectable background layer (Apple Hybrid or Apple Roads).
- track your history with a bread crumb trail.
- navigate in a custom Local Grid.
- navigate geoRef PDF with offsets displayed.
- navigate using a course deviation.

Convert Coordinates (requires Standard package first) $29.99

- convert coordinates from one coordinate system to another.

Pad Targets (requires Standard package first) $59.99

- places a well site template on the map and allows you to position it.
- lines are drawn around the well center and lease boundary.

KML/KMZ import/export (requires Pro package first) $29.99

- KML files can be imported/exported.
Point Manager

NTS Map (requires Pro package first) $29.99

- download the NTS map to show contours, feature names, roads, railway, power networks, urban areas, and water. These items can be turned on or off to customize the display.

Custom Maps

Sample combo IAP price matrix

$0 : Free
$59.99 : Standard
$119.98 : Standard + Pad
$219.98 : Standard + Pro
$249.97 : Standard + Pro + KML
$279.96 : Standard + Pro + KML + Convert
$279.96 : Standard + Pro + KML + NTS
$279.97 : Standard + Pro + Pad
$339.95 : Standard + Pro + KML + NTS + Pad
$369.94 : everything